Sunday, June 26, 2011


How does one begin these things? I suppose with a fervid love of something or someone, or with the notion of providing entertainment or garnering attention, or perhaps even with the hopes of becoming a provocateur- leaving readers breathlessly waiting for the next naughty tidbit. Well, not to disappoint, but that’s not this, kids. Or at least, it isn’t meant to be, although the mind will run off on it’s own tangents and something witty, wicked, naughty or stimulating may slip in every so often. In general, this will be as most of the genre is- about finding a voice.

My own voice can be menacing, mild, friendly, funny, whiny, sharp, warm, vulgar, empathetic, ridiculous, joyful, melancholy, annoying and even dull; just like all of yours. But that’s the point in this as well- to talk, to write, to share- in an attempt to show that we aren’t singular in our journey. To this end, I will randomly ramble, occasionally seem to have a purpose, wallow in idolatry of select bands and thespians, comment on the human condition (only when I’m very down-spirited, or very riled, I promise), share fiction and post clips and photographs that I like or might even have taken.

There will also be parenthesis by the score. My subconscious seems to adore them and is bent on single-handedly giving them more than their share due during my lifetime. As I have no control over this, I won’t apologize for it. Read around them (or read only what’s in them) if you must.

I can’t promise to be regular in my postings, but we’ll see what this makes of itself; and if you choose to come along, “Please do not pull down on the safety bar, as I will lower it for you“.

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