Monday, July 25, 2011

Study in Pink

Those who know me may have noted that from time to time, I exhibit some behaviors that lean a bit toward the OCD side. As I’ve never been officially diagnosed, who’s to say whether I’m afflicted or not (checking that the front door is locked every time I pass it by is not definitive proof!), but I can say that I tend to get really, really excited and involved in things that manage to attract my attention, to the point where I must collect or attend or spend time (read countless hours) on the internet researching (read stalking) certain people or bands or films or shows or countries or objects.

This may simply be part of my character. Or it may be due to a frequent, recurring boredom which I have no clear concept of how to appease. I’m always seeking the next thing to engage me, mind body and soul. Thank God this is a cluttered world with many distractions to...well, distract me.

In the most oblique way I am trying to tell you about my weekend. Obsession comes in to it because I do what may be construed as silly things as a result of my various infatuations. For instance, I drove to Boulder again this weekend, Saturday and Sunday nights both, to see Third Star. That brings the tally up to three times for anyone keeping score. Three times and 132 miles. For a movie. By myself.

Did I mention that I also cut my best friend short on the phone, practically hanging up on her to make sure I got to the 7:00 pm show on Sunday? She understands a thing or two about obsessive behavior, so I don’t think she was too offended.

On the rare occasion, my obsessions are slightly more fruitful. I love art and design. In fact I spend a lot of time daydreaming about décor, most of which I can neither find (Why, oh why can’t I find the sofa in my head?) nor afford. Out of desperation, this weekend I finally made a piece of my own.

Now, it’s nothing remarkably artistic, but darned if I don’t just love a well-executed (the pun was not originally intended, I promise) representation of an anatomical human skull. I wish I could draw one. Instead I robbed the internet and put my photo editing software to playful work. The hue and repetition of the design give it a street-art sort of vibe, don’t you think?

All right, I’m grasping, but still I have something to show for this weekend as opposed to the usual vague sense of defeat. And it’ll be sort of cheerful, all those rosy macabre grins staring out at me every day. A Study In Pink, if you will (blatant nod to Sherlock, there). Goodness knows we can all use a smile.

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