Friday, July 1, 2011

Writer's Block

Yeah, I know. A few days in and already I don’t know what to write about. Despite the relative anonymity of a thing like a blog, there is still a persistent, naggy voice in the back of my mind yelling “Don’t do anything to make yourself look stupid.” So then I’m stymied. Most of my life has been colored by this negative voice and as a result I’ve kept myself restrained, safe, bored.

Every once in a while I’ve cast off my inhibitions, but only just. I’ve traveled to London alone on a whim, expressly to see a play, but I’m too intimidated to walk in to the local donut shop. Likewise I’ve crossed state lines to see a particular band perform, screamed and yelled and danced, asked for autographs and pictures, commiserated with strangers at a gig, yet I have difficulty finding things to say to my coworkers. I’ll go for a hike but feel self-conscious and out of place walking in my neighborhood park.

What is that? (Really, if you have an answer, feel free to leave a comment.)

The realization of this duality in my nature leads me to ask, do we live better lives if we let our irresponsible sides take over? Can such existence be maintained? Or is it our responsibilities that give wing to a freer spirit, like a gust of wind to a kite, thereby allowing us periods in the heights where we can revel in joys and freedom, but is ultimately too frenetic a condition to be sustained?

Okay, well now I sound like a college student and this hasn’t anything to do with writer’s block anymore, does it? So…um…who’s looking forward to the new Muppets Movie?


  1. Do you mind if I share this on fb? I think it speaks to many of us...

  2. I think you have hit the nail on the head with this one. Why are we so concerned with the opinions of others? Why can't we just be happy with who we are? Why do we feel the need to hide our joy and excitment, our fear and insecurity? What will happen to us if we allow ourselves to crawl out of that "safety zone" and let people see who we really are. We will never know if we don't take that first step. And, actually I think we will survive rejection and hurts - we will become stronger and wiser through them and inspite of them. I appreciate you sharing yourself with us - the ones that don't take that first step. Keep going! I for one, am looking forward to the new Muppet Movie!!

  3. Sheri- Please feel free to share anything from this blog, anytime :)